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The All Natural Tree Experts team is comprised of ISA-certified arborists with extensive experience in all types of tree service. Serving clients in Roanoke, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Salem and Vinton, VA, we are local leaders in professionalism and service, with a focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations in every job.


All Natural Tree Experts offers a wide range of tree services for both residential and commercial clients.
Make us your first call in Virginia for:

Tree Removal: 

Dead, dying or unstable trees pose a significant safety hazard on any property and should be removed quickly. Safe, fast tree removal requires specialized expertise and equipment. All Natural Tree Experts has removed thousands of trees in Southwest Virginia — we’ll get the job done quickly and leave your property in better condition than it was in before.

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Tree Pruning: 

Keeping your trees well-pruned has both aesthetic and practical benefits. Overgrown trees not only look bad, but they also block out light and can, in extreme cases, pose a safety hazard. Our staff use bucket trucks or, in close quarters, climbing equipment to safely prune even the tallest trees.

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Tree Planting: 

All Natural Tree Experts offers tree planting services for lots of any size. Our certified arborists have a level of expertise others don’t possess — in addition to planting, we can assess your property and recommend a species of tree that will thrive.

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Lot Clearing: 

Lot clearing may be necessary when building on an undeveloped property. We use specialized equipment to keep ground damage to an absolute minimum and clear away all debris as we work. We also offer lumber discounts and will credit your account 100% of the profits from any reclaimed wood we sell.

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Emergency Tree Services


In most cases, we provide same-day or next-day tree service for all residential clients. However, if there’s a potential safety issue — such as a large branch that’s in danger of falling — our team will respond immediately. Emergency tree services are available around-the-clock at no extra charge. If you’re at all concerned about the safety of a tree on your property, don’t take a risk — get peace of mind and protection by calling All Natural Tree Experts today.

Commercial Tree Services


Large commercial lots often have special needs when it comes to the health and safety of their trees. We are a preferred vendor for the Virginia Department of Transportation and other government agencies, utility companies, large property managers and other clients. We are fully capable of scaling our services upwards to take on projects of any size.

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Trust a Certified Arborist

The staff at All Natural Tree Experts consists exclusively of ISA-certified arborists.

When it comes to your property and the health of the trees on it, only a certified arborist can be counted on to deliver service you can trust. We follow strict standards to ensure every job is completed quickly and safely.

Contact All Natural Tree Experts for 24-hour emergency tree services in Christiansburg, Roanoke and throughout Southwest VA. If there’s any risk to you, your family or your property, we’ll send a qualified representative out immediately.

Phone: 540- 230-1098
60 First St Christiansburg, VA 24073

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