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Tree Risk Assessments

Level 1 Assessment:

A Level 1 assessment is a basic estimate for services you would like performed. Arborists walk completely around a tree and look for defects in all visible areas of a tree. The Arborists will identify high and extreme risk trees. Afterwards a written proposal will be provided. These assessments are intended to cover your immediate basic needs.  Level 1 assessments can also be used to identify areas or certain trees that may need to have Level 2 or Level 3 assessments conducted as well.

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Level 2 Assessment:

During a Level 2 assessment, Arborists look at your landscape as a whole. Arborists look for defects in all visible areas of a tree, including the surrounding area. These assessments include the use of decay detection devices that can be used to evaluate open cavities. (Soil testing if needed), as well as testing for disease and pest. Trees are presented in a risk assessment and mitigation report with noted defects and observations. Level 2 assessments can also be used to identify areas or certain trees that may need to have a Level 3 assessments conducted as well.

level 3: Assessement

Level 3 Advanced assessments are assessments of the roots, stem, or crown of a tree. These assessments may include climbing inspections, examination of the root system using a compressed-air tool (that avoids damage to roots and underground utilities) This assessment is designed to identify problems in a crown of a tree or to detect roots growing under your foundation or major utilities.

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Trust a Certified Arborist

When it comes to your property and the health of the trees on it, only a certified arborist can be counted on to deliver service you can trust. We follow strict standards to ensure every job is completed quickly and safely.

Contact All Natural Tree Experts for 24-hour emergency tree services in Christiansburg, Roanoke and throughout Southwest VA. If there’s any risk to you, your family, or your property, we’ll send a qualified representative out immediately.


"Brian and his crew are great. They do awesome work and aim to please. I could not have ask for a better job than what they did.  They are so kind and very professional. I would hire them again if needed. If I could rate these guys a 10 I would. Thanks so much guys!!"  5.0 Stars 

Kathy Archer in Hiwassee, VA

"They did a great job. They were on time. They cleaned everything up afterward. They were very friendly and their price could not be beat. We had several estimates. Will and have recommended them to my friends. Really glad I used Home Advisor to get the name of a company to get the work done." 5.0 Stars

| Kathy D. in Roanoke, VA

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