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The benefits of planting more trees on your property are obvious. Trees improve the air quality around you, provide shade and privacy, offer beauty, reduce stress, and can even increase your property values.

Here are specific ways that planting trees on your property will improve the environment, your state of mind and your life:Here are specific ways that planting trees on your property will improve the environment, your state of mind and your life:

Environmental Benefits

Trees are natural enhancements to any setting, and they improve the overall quality of the environment in general. For your yard, trees provide shade and natural shielding that blocks sunlight, cools temperatures and helps with water evaporation. In the summer, deciduous trees shade your house from overheating, while their bare branches allow warmth to reach your walls in the winter.
You can utilize trees’ shade to control the temperature of specific areas around your home or business, keeping driveways, walkways, porches, patios, heating units and sidewalks at a comfortable heat level while also increasing their lifespan. Evergreens are useful in decreasing wind speed and providing a buffer for your building.
Planting trees is beneficial not just to your buildings and structures, but to the surrounding ecosystem as well. Trees serve as a natural habitat for birds and squirrels, drawing animal life and keeping your area thriving. They also reduce storm water runoff, decrease soil erosion and reduce chemical transfer to streams.
Naturally, trees improve air quality by trapping pollen, dust and smoke, filtering carbon dioxide, absorbing dangerous gases and producing the oxygen we all need. Did you know that one fully-grown tree can provide a day’s worth of oxygen for four people? The more trees, the better our health and the earth’s air quality.

All Natural Tree Experts provides a range of different services for both homeowners and commercial property developers. We can plant new trees on a bare property or replace ones that aren’t thriving with specimens that are better suited to your land.


Community Benefits

Trees serve to bring together communities through their beauty and class. Areas lined with trees seem friendlier, higher-quality and safer. They encourage outdoor activities, shelter neighborhoods, decorate community gatherings and heighten area pride. Regions with trees tend to attract better business and tourists, increasing economic stability and property value.

Personal Benefits

Trees aren’t just good for your surroundings — they’re good for you too! For a low price, you can experience the aromatic scents, idyllic scenery and emotional serenity that comes with a yard of beautiful blooms or luscious leaves. Trees can provide fruit, flowers, privacy barriers and visual interest, but they also have a proven impact on human mood.

Statistics show that hospital patients recover more quickly in rooms with tree views, and the plants can also be therapeutic for those suffering from emotional traumas. In fact, studies have shown that even looking at a tree for five minutes can decrease your blood pressure and muscle tension and reduce your stress levels.
More trees in your landscaping will enrich your lifestyle, community, and ecosystem. They’re a wholesome investment and addition to any environment.

When to Plant Trees

To reap the maximum benefits from your trees, plant them at the right time of year to suit the species. Generally, autumn is the overall best time for new planting — the temperatures are down, the sun won’t damage planting conditions and the weather encourages stronger growth at a time when trees naturally tend to develop new roots. Some trees, however, might fare better with a spring planting. Here’s a general breakdown of tree types and when to plant:

  • Maple trees  — fall planting
  • Magnolia, willow, dogwood, birch — spring planting for a longer establishment period
  • Fruit trees — fall planting for warmer climates and spring planting in areas with cold winters
  • Evergreens — either fall or spring, avoiding hot weather

Whether it’s spring or fall, keep a few things in mind before the planting process. You should decide where trees will work best aesthetically and whether they’ll have enough space for how large they’ll eventually grow. You’ll also have to look at property specifications. Certified arborists can help you with all your planting considerations.

Who We Serve

All Natural Tree Experts is a leading tree planting company for VA property owners and managers. We are available for jobs of any size, on properties ranging from small residential lots to large commercial campuses. Whether we’re populating an area that’s been damaged by storm or fire, or adding ornamental trees to a home or business, we’ll complete any job on time, on budget and with respect for your property.


Why Hire a Professional?

Not all trees are suitable for every environment. The specific conditions of your lot will play a large role in determining which species work best. As well, bylaws or local homeowners’ association rules may limit the types and size of tree you are allowed to plant on your property.

Tree planting requires a careful consideration of these and other factors. While actually planting a tree is not the most difficult thing in the world, specialized knowledge is required to ensure the right species is chosen and the right planting site is selected.

When you work with All Natural Tree Experts, you’re working with a proudly local business. Unlike larger landscaping companies, tree planting, pruning and removal are all we do — as a result, we know the areas we serve better than anyone else and can ensure that any trees we plant on your property will thrive.

We will perform a comprehensive consultation and site assessment before any work is done. We also back up everything we do with a complete satisfaction guarantee and will return to correct any problems that arise, free of charge.

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Maintenance and Support

Trees are living things that require ongoing care and maintenance to survive. At All Natural Tree Experts, we do everything we can to ensure the long-term health of each tree we plant. This involves not only carefully planting a well-chosen selection of trees, but also ensuring you have the resources necessary to care for them.

We can provide pruning and trimming as necessary. We’ll also work with you to ensure you know what maintenance you can do on your own and what potential warning signs to look out for in the future.


No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

There are few properties and places that can’t benefit from more trees. All Natural Tree Experts is available to provide tree planting services in Roanoke, Blacksburg, Dublin and throughout Southwest Virginia. When you work with us, you work exclusively with arborists who have been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). As a result, our team can be counted on to deliver excellent communication, fair pricing and great customer service every step of the way.

Get started by requesting a free quote today. Call or email our office to book a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.

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""We had a huge oak tree fall on our shed and there was a huge maple about to fall down next to it from the recent storms. We had to get both removed before insurance could estimate the damage. Mr. Dwayne Shepherd came right out and gave us an estimate we could afford. We also hired his company to thin out trees blocking our view. They did a great job and highly recommend them." 5.0 Stars"

BRIAN DUVALL, Callaway, Va.


Emergency Tree Removal

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Do you have a tree that has fallen and is causing damage? Then call for our Emergency Tree Removal service. It's quick to ensure the immediate safety of your property and family. This is why we offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Service.

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