Why Plant Trees?

There are many benefits to planting trees on your property. Trees improve the air quality around you, provide shade and privacy, offer beauty, reduce stress, and can even increase your property values.

Here are specific ways that planting trees on your property will improve the environment, your state of mind, and your life:

Environmental Benefits

Trees are natural enhancements to any setting, and they improve the overall quality of the environment in general. For your yard, trees provide shade and natural shielding that blocks sunlight, cools temperatures and helps with water evaporation. In the summer, deciduous trees shade your house from overheating, while their bare branches allow warmth to reach your walls in the winter. You can utilize trees’ shade to control the temperature of specific areas around your home or business, keeping driveways, walkways, porches, patios, heating units and sidewalks at a comfortable heat level while also increasing their lifespan. Evergreens are useful for decreasing wind speed and providing a buffer for your building. Planting trees is beneficial not just to your buildings and structures, but to the surrounding ecosystem as well. Trees serve as a natural habitat for birds and squirrels, drawing animal life and keeping your area thriving. They also reduce storm water runoff, decrease soil erosion and reduce chemical transfer to streams. Naturally, trees improve air quality by trapping pollen, dust and smoke, filtering carbon dioxide, absorbing dangerous gases and producing the oxygen we all need. Did you know that one fully-grown tree can provide a day’s worth of oxygen for four people? The more trees, the better when it comes down to our health and the earth’s air quality.

All Natural Tree Experts provides a range of different services for both homeowners and commercial property developers. We can plant new trees on a bare property or replace ones that aren’t thriving with specimens that are better suited to your land.

Community Benefits

Trees serve to bring together communities through their beauty and class. Areas lined with trees seem friendlier, higher-quality and safer. They encourage outdoor activities, shelter neighborhoods, decorate community gatherings and heighten area pride. Regions with trees tend to attract better business and tourists, increasing economic stability and property value.

Tree Planting Examples:

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