Do You Need Cabling or Bracing?

If your tree has a weak limb or trunk deficiency it might need a cable and brace to support it until it becomes healthy again; these braces can help support the tree though high winds and the weight of ice or snow. By placing cables in between the limbs, the weight of the tree will be more equally distributed and therefore cause less stress on the damaged limb. This method can be especially important to use if the weak limb is over anywhere people frequent, such as a sidewalk. 

At All Natural Tree Experts we use a cobra static cable system that grows with the tree. We prefer this system over the commonly used steel strand cables because the steel cables can cause girdling of the tree. It has a shock absorbency built in so the supported limb can sway naturally in light winds, it also absorbs wind energy and significantly reduces shock loads caused by other means of cabling. By using the cobra static cable system we are giving the tree the support it needs while not harming or restricting the tree's growth.

Cabling and Bracing Examples:

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