Tree Spraying Services in Virginia

Fruit trees can be a beautiful and productive addition to any yard, with enticing blossoms in the spring and home-grown treats in the summer and autumn. However, fruit trees may require more work than you may expect.

Pests and diseases are rampant across the United States, reducing your fruit tree’s production and even damaging or killing the tree itself. To prevent this from happening, you can take charge with an annual spraying regimen designed to protect your tree and keep your fruit production steady.

The Benefits of Spraying Fruit Trees

The promise of fruit from your trees is somewhat undercut by the threat of insects and diseases, which have the potential to negatively affect production. Insects appreciate sweet fruits as much as humans do and often go after young fruit early in the growing season, resulting in misshapen or damaged fruit come harvest time.

Even worse, some insects and diseases attack the tree itself, reducing its ability to move nutrients to the branches and grow fruit, resulting in reduced overall fruit production.

For an orchard or commercial property, this can be devastating for business in the harvest season. Even in a residential backyard, sickly, unproductive trees are disheartening and damaging to the rest of the landscaping.

You definitely don’t want to wait until a disease or infestation grips your trees to consider treatment. A good, preventative spraying regimen, including dormant sprays, fungicides, and insecticides, timed at the right time of year, can keep your tree healthy by targeting specific threats, working with your distinct species of tree, and avoiding these problems.

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Tree Spraying Examples:

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