Level 1 Assessment:

Our level 1 assessment includes a visual look around of the area, whether it's in a car or walking on sidewalks and streets. This assessment is used to identify high risk branches and trees, with minimal details being recorded about individual trees. A level 1 assessment is recommended when there is a large area of trees that needs to be covered quickly.

Level 2 Assessment:

A level 2 assessment includes a complete walkaround of a tree to view visible defects on the tree and the surrounding area. It also includes the use of a rubber mallet to perform a "sounding" test to determine open cavities that may not be seen visually. From there, an arborist can determine if the tree health indicates the need for a deeper diagnosis (Level 3 Assessment). With this level, a report is included that will include any defects and observations found during the basic assessment.

Level 3 Assessment:

Our most detailed and advanced assessment includes a complete overview of the roots, stem, and crown of the tree. This is done using a combination of a few pieces of equipment including a compressed air tool and a resistograph (a precision drilling instrument). With several certified arborists on staff, we will then be able to provide an accurate recommendation for the tree, whether it's maintenance, removal, or mitigation.

Our Arborists

Brian Shepherd

Certification Number: MA-6357A

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Michaela Wenger

Certification Number: MA-6180A

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Arborist Consultation Examples:

Certified arborist tree treatment
Two Certified Arborists Start a Tree Treatment
Arborist consultation
Two Certified Arborists Examine Trees On The Property