Bacterial Leaf Scorch Description

Bacterial leaf scorch is a disease caused by the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa that attacks the vascular system of trees. It most commonly affects pin, red, shingle, bur and white oaks but can also affect elm, oak, sycamore, mulberry, sweetgum, sugar maple, and red maple trees. It is spread by xylem-feeding leafhoppers and spittlebugs.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Damage:

The first symptom seen is premature leaf browning and defoliation, the leaves will have a yellow to red halo present at the margin of scorch. After several years of being infected the entire tree will turn prematurely brown. The disease restricts water transport throughout the tree causing it to slowly dehydrate and eventually will lead to its death.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Treatment Options:

There are several treatment options available for bacterial leaf scorch. Fill out the form of this page or contact our office to consult with an arborist today! 


Bacterial Leaf Scorch Spreading
The Edges Of Leaves Become Orange/Red
Bacterial Leaf Scorch on Leaves
The Leaves Have A Yellow/Red Halo At The Margin Of Scorch