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Common Tree Problems and Their Solutions

Different trees are at risk for different diseases and infections. Some of the most commonly seen in Southwest Virginia include:

  • Seiridium canker: Seiridium canker is among the most common tree diseases in Southwest Virginia. It primarily affects the Leyland cypress tree, causing a reddish-brown leaf discoloration. Seiridium canker can be managed by destroying any affected branches and taking steps to maintain overall tree health during periods of drought.
  • Leaf rust: Leaf rust is a tree fungus that shows up as reddish, orange or yellow discolorations in a tree’s leaves. In most cases, it is harmless, though severe infections can interfere with photosynthesis. Leaf rust can be treated with fungicide, and by collecting and destroying affected leaves.
  • Dutch elm disease: Dutch elm disease is a fungus that affects elm trees. It is an invasive condition with a high mortality rate, identified by wilting and curling leaves, branch dieback and a distinctive brown staining that can be seen when bark is pulled back. Dutch elm disease can be controlled if caught early by pruning and destroying affected branches.
  • Anthracnose: Anthracnose refers to a group of diseases affecting sycamores, oaks, maples and other hardwood trees. It is a fungal infection characterized by the development of irregularly shaped lesions on the tree’s leaves. Anthracnose can be controlled and prevented by improving sanitation around the tree and through regular pruning to promote light and air penetration.
  • Fire blight: Fire blight is a bacterial infection that can be brought on by prolonged periods of warm, moist weather. The condition causes leaves to rapidly turn brown and wilt, and is usually localized to a few specific areas of the tree. Fire blight can be managed by pruning out affected branches and limiting the growth of nearby succulents.
  • Root rot: Root rot is caused by an organism called a phytophthora, which thrives in soil with poor irrigation. Left untreated, it leads to poor growth and eventually branch dieback and death. Affected trees can be managed using certain chemical interventions, though improving soil drainage is the best way to prevent the issue from recurring.

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