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If you’re in need of commercial and residential services from tree experts in Galax, Virginia, there’s nowhere better to turn than All Natural Tree Experts. With a team of ISA-certified arborists that specialize in tree species, health and maintenance, we provide expert services in planting, pruning, pest prevention, plant maintenance and professional land development! Check out everything we have to offer:


Tree Planting

There’s nothing like the lush leaves, fresh fruits and blooming flowers of properly-placed trees to enhance your property and raise your spirits. Trees provide benefits for any property, including aesthetic value, positive environmental impact, temperature control, air filtration, stress relief and increased property value. If you’re thinking of adding trees to your yard or commercial property, make sure you consider factors like location, land specifications, tree type, placement and growth potential. From planning to planting, we’ll help you with every step.


Tree Spraying

For trees that produce striking flowers or luscious fruits, pests can become a huge problem — and insects or fungal diseases can plague evergreens and other types of trees. To prevent these issues from arising or destroying your plants, you’ll need to incorporate the proper spraying regimen into your annual tree care.

What pests and conditions threaten your trees, and when should you spray for the best results? Should you use general-purpose, fungicidal, dormant-oil or insecticidal sprays? From assessing your issues to administering your spray, All Natural Tree Experts has you covered.


Tree Health Assessments

Like any living creature, trees need maintenance and checkups to ensure they remain in optimum condition. At All Natural Tree Experts, we offer periodic tree health assessments to keep your trees in good shape and catch any issues early on. Our initial inspections are free, and if we think your tree requires any additional services, we’ll give you a detailed estimate.


Tree Removal

We believe that trees are beautiful, beneficial and worth the care to maintain, but sometimes external conditions can make them dangerous. If you have an issue with a tree that’s split, damaged, decaying, outgrowing its area or posing a threat to a nearby building, removal might be necessary.

Our team of certified arborists will assess your site and the condition of your tree before determining whether to proceed with removal. Then, we’ll prepare a personalized process that takes your specific environmental needs into consideration. We’ll work with climbing and cutting or specialized bucket trucks to safely and quickly remove the tree and debris, and our zero-impact approach ensures that we’ll leave your lawn cleaner than we found it. We also provide stump removal services if necessary.


Emergency Services

When it comes to sudden, dangerous tree conditions that threaten power lines, buildings, cars, public paths or people, don’t hesitate to contact All Natural Tree Experts right away. We provide quick, reliable, expert emergency services to ensure safety in the event of fallen or damaged trees, and we’re available 24/7.


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With ISA-certified arborists, same-day/next-day guaranteed services, honest expertise and dedication to reliability, All Natural Tree Experts is your contact for every tree need. Call or visit us online to request your free quote today.

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""We had a huge oak tree fall on our shed and there was a huge maple about to fall down next to it from the recent storms. We had to get both removed before insurance could estimate the damage. Mr. Dwayne Shepherd came right out and gave us an estimate we could afford. We also hired his company to thin out trees blocking our view. They did a great job and highly recommend them." 5.0 Stars"

BRIAN DUVALL, Callaway, Va.


Emergency Tree Removal

We are prepared to take your call.

Do you have a tree that has fallen and is causing damage? Then call for our Emergency Tree Removal service. It's quick to ensure the immediate safety of your property and family. This is why we offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Service.

We have all the equipment for your emergency tree service situation and are available 24 hours a day.

Emergency Tree Removal services are typically covered by your homeowners insurance so call today.


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