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Choose a Southwest Virginia tree service company with the expertise to make satisfied customers. All Natural Tree Experts have served customers in Blacksburg, Roanoke, Christiansburg, Salem, Hardy, Moneta, Wytheville, Vinton, Pulaski, Hollins, Riner, Narrows, Radford, Pearisburg, and Floyd with all of the issues noted below.

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How do I know if I need to remove my tree?

Just because the tree has a lot of dead foliage and branches doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be removed. If the dead branches and rot haven’t spread too far, we can trim the dead branches and seal the cracks and holes to prevent further decay where you don’t need to remove the tree completely. To be safe, call All Natural Tree Experts out for a Free Estimate and we’ll let you know if we can save by trimming or if we need to remove the tree completely.

Why would I need emergency tree service?

During the winter, Emergency Tree Service is necessary due to winter weather. Harsh Ice and heavy snow causes damage to trees that can overturn trees and causes branches and roots to be brittle and break. Tree Removal needs to be quick in this instance for the immediate safety of property and family. This is why we offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Service. In Winter of 2014, we went to our customer Riner Veterinary Clinic and removed a tree from 2 cars to prevent further damage. In Floyd VA there was a tree that fell across our customer’s driveway and he had to be at work the next morning. We went and removed the tree OVERNIGHT until 4am so he could be at work in the morning. We have all the equipment for your emergency tree service situation and are available 24 hours a day.

What’s the typical cost of removing a tree?

The question of cost for removing a tree is a tough one. Each area in Southwest VA is very different from the next and everyone has a different scenario. Residential, Commercial, one tree, 100 trees… there’s no one Estimate fits all! For your convenience, however, All Natural Tree Experts provides free estimates for tree removal so you can get an honest quote whether you’re in Roanoke VA or Blacksburg VA.

Is my tree diseased?

There are serval way to look at your tree and tell if you have a disease! Look at the bark for signs of peeling. Look for dead branches and limbs. The most common tell tell sign is discorloration of the crown. The crown of the tree is the branch, leaves and and veditation groing from the trunk of the tree.

What is the most common tree disease in Roanoke and New River Valley?

The most common tree disease we deal with in Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Wytheville is found in the leyland cyprus tree. Leyland cyprus trees are prone to Seiridium Canker: is a disease that is a fungis that is spread by extensive resin flow and is spead by rain fall. The main sign of Seriridium Canker is reddish brown discororation of foliage.

Why are so many branches falling from my tree?

When you start noticing dead limbs and branches on your tree, this is typically a sign of your tree rotting. The rot is typically stimulated by water and decay. Excess moisture will eventually cause the whole tree to die and it will need to be removed. In the winter time, the frost runs through the tree and causes frost cracks, leaving pools of water in various areas of the tree which may cause it to rot. Rotting in the roots of your tree is more common in lake areas like Smith Mountain Lake or Claytor Lake because the moisture sets into the roots and rots and decays over time where you may need to have it removed eventually before it becomes a danger to your property, home, or family.

When is the best time to prune my trees?

The best time for tree trimming, also known as tree pruning, is during the dormant season of Late Fall and Winter. During this time, the sap goes down into the tree towards the roots and away from the foliage, limbs, and branches. In Spring time it rises back towards the canopy. Too much pruning, while a tree is not dormant, could potentially kill your tree. The sap is comparable to blood in the human body, and if the tree “bleeds out” meaning too much sap leaves the tree, the tree dies.

What’s the difference between tree cabling and tree service?

Tree Cabling is a unique technique that is an alternative option to tree removal or tree pruning. We have customers who are attached to particular trees (with good reason) because their grandfather planted it, or it looks beautiful on their property. This tree, although beautiful and meaningful, could be harmful to the property because of dangerous overhanging limbs. Cabling holds the limbs in place, and persuades them to grow away from the structure. This technique is safe and will not harm your tree at all. The cable has tension that over time will persuade it to grow in a different direction. This is a better alternative to cutting the tree down or having looming limbs fall on a home or business during an ice storm or from everyday wear over time.

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