Tree Services in Christiansburg, VA.

When it comes to handling tree services in Christiansburg, Virginia, All Natural Tree Experts is your certified team of fully licensed and insured arborists. Whether you’re in need of tree planting services, assistance with seasonal spraying, maintenance, removal or professional land development, we’re the ones to turn to for commercial and residential property purposes.

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Tree Planting

Trees provide a plethora of benefits for any environment, including ecosystem growth, landscape beauty, temperature control, increased property value, air filtration and community draw. Why not cover your property with tasteful trees?

Before you plant, you’ll need to consider various factors like location, tree species, property allowances, environmental factors and maintenance. From a personalized consultation and site assessment to picking, planting and pruning, we’re with you every step of the tree-installment process. Trust our certified arborists.


Tree Spraying

Part of maintaining proper tree health is preventing the insects, fungi and diseases that can plague your plants, ruin your spring blooms and destroy fruits. To make sure you stay ahead of the threats your trees face, you’ll need to establish a regular yearly spraying routine. From assessing threats specific to your tree species to choosing the right type of spray to protect them, we’ll help with general-purpose, dormant oil, fungicidal and insecticidal spraying to keep your trees in optimum health all year.


Tree Health Assessments

Here at All Natural Tree Experts, we believe in taking care of your trees like the living things they are. That’s why we offer comprehensive tree health assessments to occasionally ensure everything is going well. Checking in makes it easier to identify and solve any problems before they become too serious. Our initial inspections are free, and we’ll give you a detailed estimate for any services we think your trees might need.


Tree Removal

We love planting, growing and maintaining trees, but we also recognize that sometimes they can become dangerous and need to be removed. If you have a tree growing too close to a building, outgrowing its space, decaying or posing a threat with overhanging branches and proximity in storms, it might be time to take it out.

Our arborists use a careful removal process that begins with an assessment of the site and tree. When we’re sure that removal is the right path, we follow a personalized approach to quickly, safely and efficiently clear the area. In addition, we promise a zero-impact process that ensures safe cleanup and complete lack of damage to your lawn.


Emergency Services

Don’t stress over fallen trees or potential threats! We offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal and clearing services. If you run into trouble with a tree leaning over a building, car or power line, a tree split in a storm or a downed tree blocking an area in a hazardous way, call us immediately. Our expertise ensures your safety.


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With strict, quick, safe standards and clean, expert work in all areas of tree care, All Natural Tree Experts has your best interests in mind. All our work is guaranteed, and we’ll come back if we need to, so contact us to request a free quote today.

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""We had a huge oak tree fall on our shed and there was a huge maple about to fall down next to it from the recent storms. We had to get both removed before insurance could estimate the damage. Mr. Dwayne Shepherd came right out and gave us an estimate we could afford. We also hired his company to thin out trees blocking our view. They did a great job and highly recommend them." 5.0 Stars"

BRIAN DUVALL, Callaway, Va.


Emergency Tree Removal

We are prepared to take your call.

Do you have a tree that has fallen and is causing damage? Then call for our Emergency Tree Removal service. It's quick to ensure the immediate safety of your property and family. This is why we offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Service.

We have all the equipment for your emergency tree service situation and are available 24 hours a day.

Emergency Tree Removal services are typically covered by your homeowners insurance so call today.


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